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ZirconZahn Full Contour 670Mpa

ZirconZahn Full Contour 670Mpa

ZirconZahn Full Contour 670Mpa

ZirconZahn Full Contour 670Mpa has a Higher translucency due to optimized microstructure of the zirconia. This zirconia is particularly aimed for anterior tooth area but is also great for posterior tooth restorations. This is a great alternative for Lithium Disilicate which is known as IPS E.max due to the high translucency but the zirconZahn 670Mpa is a stronger material. This extremely translucent zirconia is great for single crowns, inlays, onlays, veneers and bridges. We recommend a 3-unit bridge at maximum full contoured or reduced structures for ceramic layering. Testing for flexural strength achieved a value of 670Mpa, testing done on lithium disilicate only attained approximately 360Mpa during testing. Though it is not a strong as Solid Zirconia 1200MPa it has the more natural look even compared to CopraSmile Zirconia 600Mpa. No abrasion or ceramic chipping to the opposing tooth or teeth. ZirconZahn Zirconia is less porous material offered for restorations, meaning it is less absorbing for natural staining and discoloration. This material requires neither diamond drills or water cooling drills. You also can use common zirconia burs due to it being milled dry. This all results in lower material consumption, less tool wear and tear, and shorter milling times.

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