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Zirconia Abutment with Ti-Base

Zirconia Abutment with Ti-Base

Zirconia Implant Abutment with Ti-Base

Zirconia Abutment is a custom abutment which is designed and milled with Zirconium instead of Titanium. The Zirconia used for the abutment is 1200 mega paxels for strength. Digital Masters uses the highest quality monolithic Solid Zirconia for restorations using Whitepeaks Copran Zr-i pre-colored. The most common request for a Zirconia abutment is for cosmetic standpoint. The dark color of the titanium abutment and post can cause dark hues on the crown. The translucency of the zirconia crown makes it very easy to see the titanium abutment and post which can cause dark spots and discoloration to the crown and make it an inaccurate shade. Mostly in anterior cases you will have a request for zirconium abutment and post. As time passes your gum line naturally recedes and when that happens you have a chance of the titanium post showing through. Titanium is great for people who are sensitive or have allergies to metal but zirconia eliminates any question of that. Another great reason for zirconia is that the body excepts the material without rejecting it a lot better than titanium.

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