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veneer prep guide

IPS e-max® Pressed to Metal

IPS e-max® Pressed to Metal IPS E.max Pressed is a small block also known as ingots of lithium disilicate glass-ceramic for the press technique. This material has an unmatched strength of 360 to 400 Mega Paxels. IPS E.max Press HT is ideal for the fabrication of restorations such as thin anterior veneers with a wall

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ZirconZahn Full Contour 670Mpa

ZirconZahn Full Contour 670Mpa ZirconZahn Full Contour 670Mpa has a Higher translucency due to optimized microstructure of the zirconia. This zirconia is particularly aimed for anterior tooth area but is also great for posterior tooth restorations. This is a great alternative for Lithium Disilicate which is known as IPS E.max due to the high translucency

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Zirconia Full Contour 600mpa

Zirconia Full Contour 600mpa D.M Copra Smile Solid Zirconia 600Mpa is great for Anterior teeth and our doctors love this option! That is why at Digital Masters we have chosen Whitepeaks Copra Smile pre-colored with many shade options. Perfection “Made in Germany”, with a lifetime warranty our doctors prefer this type of zirconia over others

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IPS Empress Crowns and Veneers

IPS Empress Crowns and Veneers The popular IPS Empress System is synonymous with utmost esthetics in the restoration of dental defects and continues to set decisive standards as regards esthetics, function and processing. More than 40 million IPS Empress restorations speak for the lasting lifelike appearance, the continuing success and the high quality standard. Since

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