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Screw Retained One Piece Abutment and Crown

Screw Retained One Piece Abutment and Crown Digital Masters Copra Smile color gradient screw-retained implant crowns are translucent full contour zirconia restorations that offer your patients incredible strength and beauty. IMPLANT SCREW RETAINED CROWN   Screw-retained crown restorations of single implants   Abstract This discusses the clinical steps for preparing a screw-retained crown for the

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Zirconia Abutment with Ti-Base

Zirconia Implant Abutment with Ti-Base Zirconia Abutment is a custom abutment which is designed and milled with Zirconium instead of Titanium. The Zirconia used for the abutment is 1200 mega paxels for strength. Digital Masters uses the highest quality monolithic Solid Zirconia for restorations using Whitepeaks Copran Zr-i pre-colored. The most common request for a

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