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D.M. Solid Zirconia

D.M. Solid Zirconia

D.M. Solid Zirconia
Digital Masters uses the highest quality monolithic Solid Zirconia restorations using Whitepeaks Copran Zr-i precoloured. Made in Germany and with a lifetime warranty our doctors prefer this type of zirconia over others when esthetics and quality are both a necessity. Classic zirconium blank with highest bending strength for bridges with up to 14 pontics
The facts:
⦁ isostatic pressed
⦁ lifetime warranty
⦁ available in white or precoloured in the dentin colours A1, A2, A3
Perfection “Made in Germany”
Due to the exclusive use of very fine, spray granulated raw material from Tosoh / Japan – the world market leader for zirconium dioxides – we are proud to offer a lifetime warranty on our zirconium products.

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