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Screw retained zirconia bridge per implant

Screw retained zirconia bridge per implant

Screw retained zirconia bridge per implant

Screw retain zirconia bridge per implant is a full contour Zirconia bridge implant with Ti-Base. The Zirconia bridge is screw retained to attach to the abutment which is then added to the Ti-base. The Ti-base is a titanium base that holds the abutment and or crown. The Ti-base is metal free so it is safe for people who are sensitive or have allergies to metal. The bridge is solid zirconia which is one of the strongest materials we use for restorations. Zirconia strength is the closest to your natural teeth and less likely to break or chip. Digital Masters uses the highest quality monolithic Solid Zirconia restorations using Whitepeaks Copran Zr-i pre-colored. The bridge is milled with a hole for the implant screw for placement in the patient’s mouth. Once the bridge is placed in the mouth it is not removable, it will act as your permanent teeth. The Doctor will then fill the holes in the bridge with a composite material and detail it as necessary. Screw retained has a lot of benefits compared to a cemented bridge that is not screw retained. Screw retained is one piece which the bridge cemented to the abutment which helps with retrievability. The screw retained crown is cemented to the abutment before being placed in the mouth vs. the abutment being placed in the mouth before the non-screw retained bridge is cemented. This process makes it easier to save the screw retained bridge because we are able to remove the crown from the mouth before loosening the cement.

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