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Scanning Digital Files

Scanning Digital Files

Scanning Digital Files

Step One: Send a File
With Digital Masters Dental Studios, laboratories can submit digital impression files from their iTero, 3Shape Trios, 3M High Definition as well as any open STL files to “My Account” interface or via email.

Step Two: Digital Case Design
Once your scan data has been transferred to the digital network at Digital Masters, our team of dental technicians perform clinical evaluations to verify that each case is ready for production. Approved cases are then distributed to the appropriate technical department based on the material and restoration type requested by the laboratory.
At Digital Masters, case design is handled with dental design software. These purpose-built programs enable our experienced dental technicians to shape every aspect of a restoration. Our decades of traditional lab experience educate every click, ensuring precise fit, function and esthetics. This all-digital design process guarantees a higher accuracy in the final restoration.

Step Three: Digital Production
After the digital restoration design has been completed, the design file is transferred to the appropriate production team based on the type of material and restoration requested. We then merge time tested techniques of crown and bridge, implant, and cosmetic restorations with the digital manufacturing systems.  All of our technicians strive for excellence in service to our Dentists and Laboratory clients.

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