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Joe Abadsantos serves as CEO of Digital Masters

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Joe Abadsantos serves as CEO of Digital Masters

Joe Abadsantos serves as the Chief Technology Officer of Digital Masters. Quality, Precision and Dedication puts Joe in a position for creating masterpieces that puts a Genuine smile on his clients. A Tinker by nature, his early interest in mending things turned Joe’s attention to detail precise.

Prior to Joining Digital Masters, In 1999, Joe started in a Full Service Laboratory in New Hampshire as a Lead Captek Technician. He was sent to different states for Seminars and Lectures regarding Philosophy, research and application of dental designs. He then transferred to a company at Methuen, MA as a Production Manager where he learned the flow of running quality production. From there he was hired by companies to represent them in Conventions for demos and to promote a company that is based in New York, now relocated in CT. He was also sent to Germany and Switzerland to be trained on how to install and use the Milling Machines and he was sent to clients who needs mechanical and technical support here and abroad. He, then started the Milling Center in CT that helps in the overflow productions of big and small laboratories here in the US and Canada. He’s also a Beta Tester for some of our leading Scanner and Design Equipment and Software in the industry.

Being in this Industry for more than 17 years, he is considered as master in his field as regarded by his colleagues and dentist alike. With his dedication, he makes sure that he is updated with the latest innovation to make sure that his clients get the utmost care and service that Digital Masters has to offer.







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