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IPS e-max® Pressed to Metal

IPS e-max® Pressed to Metal

IPS e-max® Pressed to Metal

IPS E.max Pressed is a small block also known as ingots of lithium disilicate glass-ceramic for the press technique. This material has an unmatched strength of 360 to 400 Mega Paxels. IPS E.max Press HT is ideal for the fabrication of restorations such as thin anterior veneers with a wall thickness of just 0.3mm. This material is also ideal for occlusal veneers as well as Inlays and onlays. This material is high strength and clinically proven for long lasting with flexible cementation options. IPS E.max press is very natural and life like esthetics with any shade of prepared tooth. IPS E.max press is the most efficient polychromatic multi ingots. This material has additional impulse ingots for maximum flexibility as well as five levels of translucency. Accurately fitting restorations that are minimally invasive. Due to the high translucency IPS E.max press resembles the natural enamel. IPS E.max press is suitable for inlays or small restorations due to how easily this material adapts to the natural tooth structure. These restorations are also easily customized with the staining technique. IPS E.max press ingots are sold in 16 A-D and 4 Bleach BL shades.

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