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Full Cast Restorations

Full Cast Restorations

Full Cast Restorations
Full cast restorations are the standard for long term durability.

Full Cast Restorations

Full cast restorations are a age long choice for dental labs and patients the world over. Gold full cast restorations have been around for the ages, these full cast golden beauties are the long lasting choice for bridges, crowns, onlays, and inlays. The full cast restoration is manufactured from a gold alloy that – when well cared for – will last a lifetime. The reality is, the full cast restorations are not only a rugged and long-lasting choice, but they are also not harmful to living tissue as in your gums. Dental patients have been shown to acquire much less plaque and damaging bacteria along the gum lines of full cast gold restorations than along the gum lines of natural teeth.

People have been replacing or filling their teeth with gold for thousands of years? The gold metal is hard enough to form a long-lasting chewing surface, yet pliable enough to mold into a well-fitting prosthetic. The resilience and flexibility are not the only reasons for gold usage, it has been a popular choice for dental prosthetics over the ages. Gold restorations are also worn in many cultures, as a symbol of status and wealth.

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