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Digital Masters Prime Denture

Digital Masters Prime Denture

Digital Masters Prime Denture
D.M. Prime Denture are fabricated to match your facial features, age sex and natural tissue contours.

Getting the ‘perfect smile’, is what our ultimate goal is, so we understand how important it is for the denture to look the way the teeth had looked before extraction. Better yet, one that revitalizes the smile so it glows naturally. A cosmetic denture is unique and singular in its construction. We deliver results that are incredibly natural looking and so realistic that no-one will know your patients are wearing them. Digital Masters advanced technology and our understanding of the natural form of each tooth, means we can construct teeth from custom laser cut pucks, as opposed to a standard pre-fabricated denture. The level of detail we provide for each tooth delivers the unique shape and color of the teeth you need. Our detailed construction also delivers seamless results when manufacturing a partial denture. We match and blend every denture tooth with the clients current natural teeth so perfectly that no one will tell the difference.

Digital Masters employees are skilled, experienced and industry-respected cosmetic dental lab technicians. Our experience and ongoing education in modern cosmetic dentistry enrich and improve the quality and services we offer. Our approach allows for the manufacturing process to flow effortless with highly meticulous and customized results. We’ll match the exact needs, cosmetic dentures may be crafted individually to simulate the distinct features of the natural teeth. Even if a patient had a gap between their front teeth or teeth that were a little crossed over? We can now include these unique features into the new dentures to get a realistic, lifelike set of dentures, made just for the facial features of your patient.

Cosmetic dentures can also accurately target the following:

  • Facial symmetry and lip support
  • Matching the patient’s natural tissue
  • Gold fillings in denture teeth
  • No False teeth look
  • Diamonds in denture teeth
  • Gaps in between denture teeth
  • No more Denture teeth crossed over
  • Tissue color on the denture
  • Color of teeth

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