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Digital Masters Partials Dentures

Digital Masters Partials Dentures

Digital Masters Partials Dentures
D.M. Prime Partial Dentures can provide both conventional and esthetic clasps, and with combination crowns with attachments.

Multi-layer Acrylic Resin Teeth from our lab mainly include three series (two-layer, three-layer and four-layers) and DM model,TG model, and XP model, our artificial teeth use PMMA or HRA-PMMA material, especially, HRA-PMMA be used in Synthetic resin teeth, improving acrylic teeths hardness and abrasion resistance considerably.

Our Multi-layers synthetic resin teeth have a density of extreme hardness, they also are of the greatest resistance to abrasion.

Why our services are unique:

1. We use the highly advanced proprietary customized CAD/CAM software.

2. H-R-A powder is used to manufacture highest quality resistance abrasion teeth, with MMA as the raw material, H-R-A is a nano-powder (H-R-A-PMMA in abbreviation) (300nm~500nm) is made by unique technologies. It has filled the technological blanks that organic materials were used in the world to enhance the hardness and resistance of abrasion of the polymer teeth. We have done all the teeth abrasion tests, so you don’t have to. We offer this new and unique technology to the world of dental practices.

3. Multi-layer Acrylic Resin Teeth from our labs are processed by our unique hot & cold pressing techniques. It makes acrylic resin teeth more aesthetics and looks like natural teeth without any fluorescer.

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