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ALL-ON-4 Zirconia Bridge

ALL-ON-4 Zirconia Bridge

ALL-ON-4 Zirconia Bridge

All-on-4 Zirconia Bridge is a great option for someone who is needing a full mouth teeth replacement. All-on-4 Zirconia Bridge is metal free and is great option for people who are senstitive or have allegeries with metal. We use titanium implants which fuse to the bone during healing and is bio-compatible. The surgical placement of the implants cuts out a lot of the bone grafting that would normally be nessesary. We fabricate a full mouth solid zirconia arch to replace the teeth that are extracted. The extractions and implant placement can usually be done in one day. It is not always all-on-4, every case is different and may need more implants to support the zirconia arch. After surgery it is a few months of healing from the implants and we will place PMMA temporary provisional until the final Zirconia restoration is finished. We use zirconia with the All-on-4 because of its strength and is the least porous of the material offered for restorations, meaning it is less absorbing for natural staining and discoloration. This type of implant is non removable and is fixed in the mouth. Zirconia strength is the closest to your natural teeth and less likely to break or chip.

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